Welcome to my page of resources for professional services leaders!  These books, blogs, websites and other resources offer a wealth of information to help you lead your professional services organization.

Managing Professional Services

David Maister is the author of many books on professional services, including “Strategy and the Fat Smoker”, “Managing the Professional Service Firm”, and many others.  He is the penultimate author and speaker on managing and leading professional services organizations. Although he retired in 2010, his books are available on Amazon and are a treasure trove of advice for professional services leaders.


Thomas E. Lah (@thomas_lah) has written a series of books for building, managing and growing a technical professional services business within a product-centric company.  This is where I have lived for the past two decades and I have often drawn from the concepts in Thomas’s books. Thomas is the executive director at TSIA and maintains Service Visions, an excellent blog on issues that affect technical professional services.

The Professional Services Journal is an online newsletter that was discontinued in 2009 but dates back a full decade and contains a tremendous amount of valuable material on for professional services leaders.  While the journal is no longer active, the discussion continues on the PSJ Blog.

 Client Relationships

This excellent book about the importance of trust in professional services is written by a trio of authors including David Maister.  Charles H. Green and Robert M. Galford are the other authors.  Charles is also active on his website and can be found on Twitter at @CharlesHGreen.


Marketing Professional Services

This book covers all aspects of marketing for professional services firms, from creating a marketing strategy to branding, marketing communications, lead generation and winning new clients.  Mike Schultz (@mike_schultz) continued the discussion on the Services Marketing Blog until his second book came out and he moved to the website website for his newest book.


Selling Professional Services

Michael McLaughlin (@MWMcLaughlin) has written this book describing how our customers have become more sophisticated, skeptical and demanding, forcing us to change the way we sell professional services.  It’s a call to transform ourselves into idea merchants and trusted business partners, and this book guides us along this transformational pathway.  You can also follow Michael on his blog, Consult This.


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