Discovering Hidden Capacity: An Interview with Chris Vandersluis

This month I introduced the Triple Constraint of PSO Profitability.  The triple constraint states that revenue growth rate, delivery cost, and service quality are interrelated variables that impact the profitability of your professional services business.

I recently had a chance to sit down with Chris Vandersluis, CEO of HMS Software, publishers of TimeControl timesheet software. Chris has nearly three decades of experience in enterprise time and project management, and was willing to share some of the ways his customers have found to free up existing project resources by capturing and then mining non-project time to find and eliminate unnecessary activities.  Referring back to the triple constraint of PSO profitability, they are finding ways to increase their revenue growth rate (and therefore profitability) without increasing delivery costs, by focusing project resources on activities that directly grow their business.  And as you will hear, the cost savings or revenue acceleration achieved can be quite significant!

Listen to Interview with Chris Vandersluis


Chris also blogs on enterprise project management.  You can follow him at


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